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Available Today John Buxton

This is a short video to update people on what we are developing in the world of leisure vehicles and leisure products, that are “available today” to buy or at least gather information providing what the customer is looking for.

Available Today 

The world of leisure is evolving and the technology is there to use and a lot of times for free. Apparently, the leisure industry is worth £9.3bn and employs 130,000 people so, why are we using out-of-date methods to promote leisure vehicles and products? We have set up available today .com to provide information mostly via video of what leisure vehicles and products are available today.

The website updates every two hours

In some instances, motorhome manufacturers and motorhome dealers just maintain their YouTube channel and we do the rest for a low-cost monthly fee. So, dealers then have access to all our other marketing channels that are on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter and have stock that is available today.

Manufacturers new models

For manufacturers wanting to launch new motorhomes and products, this is an ideal way to do it, for motorhome dealers who are tired of placing adverts that are published weeks later and often the vehicles are sold before the customer sees the adverts. So, this will become the place to be no matter how big the dealer or manufacturer will work for them.

Short video reviews

All they need is a short video and we do the rest we will support sending the bespoke leads to the dealers from the customer’s enquiry. We believe this will become the place to put things that are available today for customers to buy, As we develop those at the start will certainly become very established and available today to access many customers looking for leisure vehicles and leisure products. We hope you like the available today idea and as it develops we hope customers will find that dream motorhome and get a good deal.