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Hi, we are here to help find leisure-related products online nothing more nothing less, we hope it works for everyone. Having been involved with cars for many years we sold the domain name available car many moons ago today they are the leading car supermarket in the UK with branches where cars are available today online or at a branch. We are passionate about leisure products and hope everyone will enjoy them we don't do cars available car is the place for that you will be in good hands.

How it works the Thetford Fridge

Auto-Sleepers currently use the Thetford Fridge and one can see why. It is so simple to operate and Dan steps you through the power sources and how they work. With a very logical warning system and all but one control just touch screen. This is easy to operate and very simple to use, there is no doubt that a fridge is an important appliance and Thetford seamed to have mastered how it works is very simple. Being a three-way fridge it works on 12 volts when the engine is running and mains or gas when off and stationary. It has an automatic control that can decide which power source to use making it very efficient. Also, it has simple warning lights green for go and red for not working correctly. With an A displayed it is on automatic and will select what it needs to do. Also, there is a full temp light telling you how cold it is.Post Content[video src=""]