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We’ve gone Swift MAD with stock at Caravan and Motorhome Sales this week.

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Pete & Shane chat about the stock we have in Monday’s Auction on 30th January. We’ve had a really busy month buying the best-quality stock for the trade.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:08 How many motorhomes have we bought?
01:38 Kon-tiki madness
02:25 Autocruise
03:21 Carrera
04:05 Shanes selection
04:16 EG Motors
05:47 Burstner IXEO
06:27 Mobilvetta
07:28 Bavaria
08:53 Hillside Leisure
10:29 Gas Induction Hobs
11:51 What has Shane enjoyed in the last 3 weeks?
12:29 Predictions for the next 2 weeks
12:55 Buying has slowed down
14:33 Both a Buyers and Seller’s market
15:00 Older Stock
16:31 Anything Shane wants buyers to pay attention to?
18:28 To summarize

Motorhome auctions are held twice monthly at British Car Auctions Nottingham also known as BCA Nottingham. Please visit for more information.

Buying Stock At The Press Of A Button…
With the monumental shortage of motorhomes and caravans, CMS Auctions have provided a way to buy used quality motorhomes at the click of a button. Being the biggest supplier of used motorhomes and caravans in the U.K. to the trade, we are also the most honest and transparent, appraising every vehicle, good and more importantly bad points. As I am sure you will agree, if we are honest, it gives you the confidence to want to buy more!

We aim to supply 50+ per month, particularly in the peak season to keep them forecourts full. On the bad side, we don’t sell direct or retail them ourselves, but on the good side, you have the confidence to know that we don’t just cherry-pick the good stuff out like most other vendors, everything goes to auction.

Our stock is currently advertised under the name Crv & Motorhome Sales Ltd to BCA Nottingham, handpicked by our buyers from various sources. British Car Auctions motorhome and caravan auctions have long been the go-to place to buy, with between 150 and 200 motorhomes per month.

Got a motorhome to sell? Visit

British Car Auctions Motorhome Auction.

Caravan and Motorhome Sales have for over 20 years worked in full partnership with BCA, selling 100% of motorhomes through BCA Nottingham. CMS Auctions are working hard with BCA to offer transparency for a hassle free purchase, so when you bid, you know exactly what you are buying. With a 99% sell rate, if you win, you buy.

Register today with CMS Auctions to open an gold account.

Want to speak to someone at BCA Nottingham? Call Noel Clay on 0115 987 3311.

BCA Motorhome Auctions Auctionview.

For our more detailed BCA auctionview, register below! Browse, bid and buy motorhomes!

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