We Buy Any Motorhomes up to 5 years old

Selling your motorhome for cash?

Yes, we have loads of people looking for used motorhomes and campervans. Basically, anyone wanting to buy or sell a motorhome should start right here. You may be wanting to cash in your motorhome, for a better one or that your motorhome no longer works for you. Motorhomes 5 years old and under wanted now.

Yes, we only want under 5-year-old motorhomes at the moment, most of the older ones we recommend you send them to a motorhome auction like BCA Nottingham who holds one auction per month. It is easy to enter your motorhome and they have good attendances of people looking for older cheaper motorhomes. Finding a cash buyer. No matter what the reason, buying or selling then start with our simple form.

Fill in as much detail as you can and our buyers will be in touch with you by your chosen method. Leave us a message on 07703 107293 or fill in the form and we will get back to you ASAP. Our sister site buys motorhomes.

Contact us for a cash offer for that motorhome under 5 years old


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