The Motorhome Show He is Shane and he is Jason

Yes, he is Shane and the other guy is Jason, together they have introduced a new popular live streaming event on YouTube called “Motorhome News” Every week they have selected guests from all parts of the leisure industry, to talk about related topics. All of which blends into a great show. Usually, about two hours long, they take questions from online comments and discuss with guests the answers. It makes a change to have such honest people talking about the wrongs and rights of the motorhome industry. They discuss all sorts of things about motorhomes campervans and have leading caravan dealers on the show as well as motorhome specialists. All on hand to help out on many different things buyers and owners want to know about.

Last Weeks Show Went Down Well

Anything new takes time, but, not on YouTube if it is topical then that makes things interesting. Motorhomes, campervans and caravan questions were all debated on the first Friday show. They had a great audience joining in with questions and answers, below is the promotion video that people liked. There is no doubt that the guys know their stuff both, have successful motorhome businesses.

This weeks show should be a cracker and some very topical questions. The last two show have shown that thee is a happy feel to some important questions now facing the leisure industry and both, Shane and Jason and guests really do look at all sides of the questions. They want to provide some good answers to the questions and that has become part of the trade marks being set. So, you may be a first time buyer looking for advice or a seasoned motorhome owner wanting to share your information about a motorhome experience. No matter log on to the show and join in you will find it fun.

We Really Liked the Show

So, much that we decided to promote the idea as we liked the honesty of the way the show is put together. They had an even better show on Wednesday that had two great guests showing and in-depth knowledge of motorhome repairs and caravans.

So, if you have got a question come and join in. There will be other show days all displayed on” we buy any motorcaravan” and “the motorhome man” YouTube channels. We liked it so much we did a short video about it as they say “it does what it says on the tin”.

A Great Show About Motorhomes Campervans and Caravans

Do not take our word for it, join the guys and see what you think? They have some great videos about all sorts of makes and models on their YouTube channels. The good the bad and the ugly leisure vehicles are all debated in a real honest approach and hands-on approach that you don’t often find.

So, He Is Shane and He Is Jason and

I am John, Owner Available Today

We just love promoting anything that helps customers old and new and the guys “motorhome news” does just that. We hope you take a look also, at our YouTube channel where we have “Johns Topical videos” that are just short videos on the latest subjects on motorhomes and leisure vehicles. We will post more information on Shane and he is Jason as we get it. In the meantime, if you have a question you would like to raise we will be glad to ask the guys for you.

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