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Advantages of Available Today

Scenario one; is simply a customer finds the video on available today and contacts the dealers sales department direct who take them through the details and sells the vehicle on a reserved status, deal done the dealer updates their YouTube channel with sold and we take off the old stock updating with new stock to the site via an automatic daily feed.

Scenario two; the customer is interested in an advert, completes the form and that enquiry goes to the dealer of the customers choice, the dealer is updated the new enquiries forwarded on to the dealer. The customer then has direct access to the motorhome dealer be it to book an appointment or to discuss what they are looking for. This may be a purchase enquiry or booking a motorhome holiday or to enquire about the hire of a motorhome to try before buying.

Why Available Today Uses YouTube

Having an end goal that needs to be cast in stone, then from a business perspective, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of video marketing. Especially, producing leisure videos to display leisure products and vehicles. Businesses of all sizes are able to adopt a video marketing strategy. Therefore, becoming part of an inbound marketing strategy for attracting new first time buyers, and or updating offers to established customers, any business will then enjoy amazing data-backed benefits of using YouTube on available today. Need help using YouTube? We use specialists who will quote you to help set up your YouTube channel after that as you load your leisure vehicles or products for sale they will appear in the right category and become available today.

Latest Videos Available Today

Our YouTube Video specialist Alan Heath sends us some great up to date videos and updates the latest for our readers to view. With one of the largest leisure motorhome video collections on YouTube, Alan Heath attends many European shows and events and provides an unbiased opinion of what he sees and finds. Ideal advice for any first-time buyer to take on board and some outstanding videos that our readers appreciate. Select the category of leisure-related videos and see what we mean with motorhomes on YouTube by Alan customers have a great way of discovering layouts and styles.

  • Mercedes Benz Advanced Control for RVs
    by Alan Heath on 18th February 2020 at 8:15 pm

    In January 2020 Mercedes rolled out its Advanced Control for RVs. This allows the user to control all the functions of the habitation area of the vehicle from the driving seat as well as the usual position in the rear of the vehicle. The driver can thus see how much power is in the habitation battery, decide whether or not to get more water, turn on the heating or water before reaching the destination etc.. So far it is only an option in the Westfalia James Cook van which is on the Mercedes platform, but Mercedes hopes to offer it to more of its clients in the future. In this short video, I give a brief overview of the features.

  • Hymer motorhome on a Citroen chassis : Exsis T580 Pure
    by Alan Heath on 17th February 2020 at 8:15 pm

    Please consider supporting me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/alanheath Basis / chassis Citroen Jumper 3.5 t 2.2 Blue HDI 121 KW/165 hp Cruise control Manual air conditioning Leather steering wheel 16″ alloy wheels, black Spoiler painted in body colour 90-litre diesel tank Interior/living area External storage flap on the left 65 x 65 cm 4.0-m awning Mosquito net blind on the entrance door Window with integrated rubbish bin in the entrance door Driver’s door with electric window lift and step lighting Panoramic roof over the cab Concertina cab blinds Corfu fabric combination Comfort L-shaped seating area Bed conversion for seating area including additional cushion and lowerable table Additional cushion between the twin beds including integrated, easy-access ladder and tray Ambient lighting Kitchen wall cladding Wooden slatted shower tray Automatic gas bottle changeover system with crash sensor and EisEx Multimedia Flat screen bracket 32″ LED flat screen with integrated speakers, remote control, DVD drive and HYMER Smart Multimedia System Reversing camera including third rearview mirror Digital satellite antenna with 65 cm mirror

  • Six metre motorhome with a lot of internal space : EuraMobil Activa One 550 MS
    by Alan Heath on 16th February 2020 at 8:15 pm

    The Activa One from EuraMobil came out around 2014 and there are now a number of versions of it. The six metre version has a rear washroom, side kitchen and a bed in the overcab. See more in the video! Pictures and maybe one day a description : http://www.motorhomefulltime.com/vehicle/activa-one-550

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