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What Happens Next With Coronavirus?

Well, it can only be said that we live in uncertain times and our leisure industry is like travel and tourism under extreme pressure. The closing of leisure vehicle dealerships including so many campsites in the UK has made everyone think about what happens next? The saying “the show must go on” springs to mind. No doubt, many businesses are being placed in mothballs. Notwithstanding the sorrow of losing loved ones, the pressure brought on by the world’s worst pandemic has to be treated with the greatest respect. The fact that it can be on a surface in a motorhome makes it so important to understand the issues. Most customers taking delivery of a new motorhome will fully understand the dealer’s responsibility to them and their staff. See the implications of Coronavirus

What Happens Next For Dealers?

Many dealers report that whilst there are customer enquiries, still, out there it is hard to quantify what to do with them, that is because of the way orders were historically being taken being factory-built. Now, with factories being closed in Europe and the UK, delivery dates are difficult to estimate. This includes orders in the pipeline due for delivery, there is growing concern that the delivery and handover has to be remote online and not face to face. Whilst, some would see a motorhome as a none essential product some are a permanent home and a first vehicle in some cases. However, coming back to sales there are reported stock on the ground and ready to go at fantastic discounts, it may never be a better time to buy a motorhome.

Dedicated Questions and Answers?

So, what will the outcome be that is a question and no one has the answer? Many dealers report that many older customers are asking a lot of questions, many are considering their options. The key to that interest has been funding via equity release. With interest rates at an all-time low, the dream motorhome is not restricted by lack of finance. However, it may be a supply and demand issue that halts progress. What does the customer need to know and how can the dealer help? That will depend on what the customer wants to know and if the dealer can set up an online support service the switched on leisure dealers know how important it is to get professional help and advice.

Dealers Responsibility?

Where does that leave the leisure dealer? Certainly, they have to really look first after the welfare of their staff, many who are at the sharp end doing customer-facing tasks, this is going to be difficult just to stay two meters away from the customer and each other. From sales to service to accessories and after-sales, there needs to find a way to protect staff and customers from exposure to the virus, is not an easy task. None essential work and opening the workshops is another issue for example. people using motor cars still need an MOT especially, essential workers, as do motorhomes. With campervans and van conversions, some are the families main form of transport, others used as the second vehicle in the family,

Keeping The Dream Alive Derby Motorhomes

Help for Motorhomes and Campervans Online Facetime us coming soon

This is just the beginning for some leisure vehicle dealers many who are dedicated to that personal service and attention to detail. In some ways, the customers old and new many have to consider a more self-service approach. That personal contact at the moment is not what is needed. An online approach to provide information for both customers and dealers makes sense.

Online Help

Now, to some that may be a little hard to get your head around the idea, but, it can be done one of our leading dealers Derby Motorhomes are heading that way, as it addresses the many issues, for example, they are updating all of the videos online placing videos on places like our virtual showroom. Here we can display what is available today and that provides an interaction from the sales or service personal who are at home and answering online calls.

Need Some Answers?

Thus, protecting sales and after-sales staff who are working from home, the service may be new but, right down to asking an expert and talking directly to customers old and new. This is a great way of answering online and helping customers supporting any enquiries, relating to sales, after-sales, maintenance and general advice. The contact numbers will be here shortly.

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