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Available Today Staycation Planning Holidays

What is Staycation holidays for motorhomes? well, here at available today planning holidays is about to go up a gear. For those not ofay with the terminology “staycation” then we need to get used to it, as it means holidaying local to home. Eliminating many of today’s awful travel risks has to be a top issue, especially, where the family are concerned. A motorhome provides all that safe private space and the use of your own toilet, shower and electric hook up has to make sense. More space will be needed on campsites and that is just a matter of change.

If campsites do not lead the way and make the sites all safe, with plenty of social spacing, then they will not get the rewards of full campsites. Let us face it, who is going to risk flying, cruising, camping or exposing yourself to large gatherings of unknown people and foreign destinations? Sadly count me out of all that. It’s unlikely that Italians, Germans and the French are going to be travelling far. So, we will be shortly promoting things to assist in finding safe staycation locations. Certainly, it is not going to be that easy in the first instances to find a way forward but, hopefully, answers wi

Helping Customers

Well, our customers are finding their feet to adjust and they needed some assistance to answer emails and take phone messages. So, we volunteered as did some of the sales team to be of help. Generally speaking, customers are finding the time to research what is of interest but, need those reassuring words to get a deal done.

Whilst, it does give more time to research and find that dream motorhome if we can guide customers to the right information, then that will help our motorhome dealers, who are our customers and ultimately yours truly will benefit from getting a good deal. As they say its not rocket science but, at times it does make you want to take off as soon as possible and enjoy that motorhome holiday. So, as we have said on many occasions we are “happy to help anyone” give us a call on 07703 107293 or drop us an email info@motorhomescampervans.net we will do our best to help.

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