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How it works introduction to handovers at Derby Motorhome videos

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we have had to adapt at the way we do things. Our Handover video manager Dan Cape explains why we need a video now due to the social distancing legislation. We have put together a wealth of information for our customers to explain about our motorhome videos. All with the aim to make sure our customers and staff are safe when either coming for an appointment to see a motorhome or to drop off for service. We have dedicated videos to explain how we do things, as well as going over the details of how things work. We are always contactable to support all our customers old and new. We have all the ways to make life easy for customers and offer conference calls via Google Meet. So, talk to us and see us online. Anyone wanting a motorhome appointment can email us on admin@derbymotorhomes.Post Content

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