Coronavirus The Implications For Leisure Businesses

Well, we all know because of Coronavirus the implications for leisure businesses could not be greater. We were reluctant in making this video but, a few words may help everyone focus on staying safe and that has to be worth the effort. Just finding the strength to go on is so important and well done to all those dedicated motorhome dealers, for putting both, the customer and staff member joint first have to be the best way forward.

Remember it is all about staying safe and helping each other

Motorhomes customers and staff at risk

But, the implications for sales-people, handover specialists and technicians are just as bad. We know it is not a matter of just staying in your leisure vehicle or at home for that matter. This is about people at risk and jobs at stake, none more so that the long term implications for travel and leisure. The short term leisure time is a real concern how does one stay safe? Well, in all our time we have never seen the implications of Coronavirus for the leisure business, as it unfolds into our daily lives people begin to see what needs to be done. Staying safe has to take precedent over everything and making people aware is a vital task. All aspects are of great concern not just to leisure vehicle owners but, to us all. Not just for the person appearing on the motorhome or campervan owners doorstep to buy their pride and joy. When you think it through it begins to really hit home, what are we selling, a clean and clear of the Coronavirus leisure vehicle? The more you think, the worse it gets to both vendor and buyer.

Motorhomes on Display

There are many points that we could raise and maybe we should but, if we can make one person think about their actions then that will be a start. Uniting in the fight is so vital the very world is in some ways dependent on it. But, what of the implications of a wander around a motorhome dealership, stepping inside a motorhome and sitting down, opening a fridge, looking at the shower area, clicking a storage locker, just what may be lurking inside is quite alarming.

Campervans on Display

We want to keep this article as informative as we can and to that end, if anyone wants to contact us we will be very glad to hear from you. Our main aim is to help and find out how we can help anyone in our leisure industry, to stay as safe as possible. It may be that the general age of motorhome owners has brought this all to our attention, they would appear to be in the age group 55 to 80 the more we can help them the better. Don’t think this is going to go away tomorrow we all live in hope but, we want to see this gone forever and never return.