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The motorhome show is a must-see live streaming video show about motorhomes campervans and caravans how they work and what people want to know about leisure-related vehicles. Hosted by Shane and Jason the show is on a Sunday at 7 pm join in and enjoy the banter and discuss key leisure-related topics with expert advice and help if you need it. We thought we would give it a go and join in discussing the latest motorhome news broadcast on YouTube from “we buy any motorcaravan”. Yes, they all seem a practical bunch on the debates. They started as help for customers and the idea is growing. Guests are asked to provide an opinion on various questions and you get a hands-on reply approach. Everyone on the motorhome show is helping people understand motorhomes and how they work. This is where you get a true practical view of the used motorhome marketplace and how it works. They will be doing more shows and available today will gladly join in as it provides really good information, with many supporting videos. Ask them a question and they reply via comments or on the live stream from their YouTube page. This week’s show is on Sunday with some special guests.