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McLouis Fusion motorhomes from Italy introduced by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, one of many brands that are owned by the Trigano the French leisure group. They are mostly fixed bed motorhomes, with end garage continental styled finishes. McLouis Fusion motorhomes offer exceptional value for money to any UK buyer, looking for a fixed bed motorhome. The McLouis Fusion range had 5five models all fixed beds, Mclouis Fusion 331, 360, leading to a new layout a 330 Fusion due in 2021, with 2020 the habitation door was on the UK side. The McLouis Fusion range is available with a 367, 373 and 379 models. There are drive-away offers, on most models. McLouis Fusion 2020 models and Mclouis Fusion 360g models have had some good reviews and are well received.