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Motorhome Dealers are displayed providing a wide range of sales and after-sales services including selling different new and used motorhome brands. This is the place to be listed register with us we then place a category dedicated to your business listed under our motorhome dealers section. All we need is your stock to be on your YouTube where we will collect it every day and post what is available today. For £400 plus vat a month we set up leads about your listing and display the latest stock enquiries they are emailed to your sales team and customers deal directly with you designated persons making life easy and available today.

Used Dethleffs I 7150-2 EBM A-Class Motorhome

Here is our used Dethleffs Esprit I-7150-2 DBM A-class motorhome, It is 1 owner from new and has covered just 19,283 miles from new.

This A-class is powered by Fiats 2.3 150 Bhp engine mated to an automatic gearbox.

It has a fabulous specification including, cab air conditioning, cruise control, satellite navigation, and reverse camera

along with air suspension and with a HPC hydraulic levelling system.

The habitation area has quality fittings and two additional travelling seats / belts along with a dinette table.

The living area has a Truma Aventa air conditioning system, along with an Oyster “vision” satellite system

there is also 4G wi-fi and a Tv. The kitchen has a 3 burner hob and a combination oven and grill along with a

good sized fridge and freezer.

Above the cab is an drop down over cab bed and to the rear is a large bedroom with a good sized island bed

There is a separate shower and a separate toilet area with a door to close of the bedroom area.

The woodwork is a quality Oak finish and fabrics are a quality cream leather.

This is a great van with a large bedroom and very spacious living area, combined with this huge specification it is certainly not a van to be missed.

Part exchanges welcome.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works the Thetford Fridge

Auto-Sleepers currently use the Thetford Fridge and one can see why. It is so simple to operate and Dan steps you through the power sources and how they work. With a very logical warning system and all but one control just touch screen. This is easy to operate and very simple to use, there is no doubt that a fridge is an important appliance and Thetford seamed to have mastered how it works is very simple. Being a three-way fridge it works on 12 volts when the engine is running and mains or gas when off and stationary. It has an automatic control that can decide which power source to use making it very efficient. Also, it has simple warning lights green for go and red for not working correctly. With an A displayed it is on automatic and will select what it needs to do. Also, there is a full temp light telling you how cold it is.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works the Sargent control panel

All the latest Auto-Sleepers motorhomes us the latest Sargent control panel. They are well proven and have a very easy on the eye display control panel. Here you can set up how things work Dan takes you through the step by step approach of what is controlled from the control panel. Basically, you can set up the dates and time for all of the operations of the motorhome. From lights to water tank controls, right done to the detail of how to keep the water from freezing up in the winter. This has an extensive warning when it comes down to leisure and vehicle batteries as well as how the solar panel is charging both up. The Sargent control panel leaves nothing to chance and you can rest assured that once you have stepped through how it works it becomes very simple to use.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works the Mercedes Benz fuel filler and bonnet release

Finding out where to check all the levels and make sure you know where the fuel filler is important. The key feature of what to do if your battery is dead and where you can attach the special places to jump-start the motorhome is useful. Having a quality set of jump leads is always recommended as is the high Wizz jacket that is law in many countries in Europe.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works the Truma control panel

Truma is a long-established name in leisure-related products, none more so than the control panels fitted into Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. This control panel controls your hot water, heating and air conditioning if fitted. They have temp control and a very clear panel displays a water heater and the temperatures are controlled as required. You can run on eco to keep the water hot it can be as high as 60 degrees. They run on gas and electric with all functions in the display area. There are some excellent options and gas for when you are not on a hookup. It can all be placed on a timer so, it will come on as and when you want hot water and heating. The control panel once understood provides some really good options and makes the motorhome feel very homely.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works the Dometic Fridge

The Dometic fridge fitted in an Auto-Sleeper again is what is known as a three-way fridge. Powered by mains, gas and 12 volt supply when travelling. Easy to use and has a very simple control panel that has an A to select automatic mode. Other neat touches are when the fridge is not in use a catch to keep the door slightly open but, stable help keep the fridge fresh and clean.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works introduction to handovers at Derby Motorhome videos

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we have had to adapt at the way we do things. Our Handover video manager Dan Cape explains why we need a video now due to the social distancing legislation. We have put together a wealth of information for our customers to explain about our motorhome videos. All with the aim to make sure our customers and staff are safe when either coming for an appointment to see a motorhome or to drop off for service. We have dedicated videos to explain how we do things, as well as going over the details of how things work. We are always contactable to support all our customers old and new. We have all the ways to make life easy for customers and offer conference calls via Google Meet. So, talk to us and see us online. Anyone wanting a motorhome appointment can email us on admin@derbymotorhomes.Post Content[video src=""]

How it works Peugeot fuel filler and bonnet release

Making sure that there is enough fuel in is important and having access to all levels and top up points helps. Especially, when it comes down to diesel and add blue. As well as making sure the windscreen washer has the right water and coolant in. How to top up any of the levels is worth spending five minutes to check things out. For example, the bonnet can only be released with the passenger door open so don’t park to close if you want easy access to the bonnet to realise.Post Content[video src=""]