About us available today – the domain name was born to help people find leisure vehicles that are available today to buy, This all began some years back when we sold our logistics business and some available domain names. So, we (John Buxton Fleet Management) have a very popular website motorhomes campervans .net and the available today concept evolving is to extend the reach of leisure products that are available today. Our social media platforms provide an ideal place to share information on leisure products extending even further our audiences.


About us Available Today

Starting out way back we developed domain names when the internet was very small indeed, we had the idea about things being available today. That was the start of our story and we continued to develop website as part of our car and fleet management businesses. Under the John Buxton Fleet Management business, we developed and sold off domains to… Read More »About us Available Today

Motorhomes Campervans.net

An introduction to motorhomes Campervans.net We love to help people who are interested in motorhomes and campervans our website features motorhome and campervan information from the likes of Autosleepers motorhomes in the UK and has a host of information on used motorhomes and motorhome holidays. If you are a first time buyer and need help then drop by and see… Read More »Motorhomes Campervans.net