Camptoo is an ideal way to get some income from your motorhome, campervan and any leisure vehicle. It has been developed on a theme that most motorhome owners do not spend 52 weeks of the year in their motorhome. Many hours are spent in storage or on the driveway. There is an alternative and that is out on rental using the Camptoo business model to help share motorhomes and provide some income to motorhome owners.

Experience Motorhome Rental With A Difference

For the family wanting a holiday and for just two people wanting to get away what better form of transport than the surroundings of a motorhome? Renting from owners with full insurance cover provides everyone with peace of mind. This is the air bnb on wheels and it certainly is catching on.

Motorhome Holidays the Destinations Are Your Choice

The current events in the UK certainly have made that motorhome holiday a bit special, go where you like, to stay where you like and stay safe in a motorhome with all the facilities and no large hotel bills, the whole experience will be a memorable one and also an enjoyable one that’s for sure.

CAMPTOO the Air bnb on Wheels

They know that if you have normal holidays they are usually at school holiday times or for one or two weeks. Now, many motorhome owners do go on short weekends away. However, that still leaves a lot of time for the motorhome to be in storage or parked on the owners drive.

CAMPTOO Booking Motorhomes Made Easy

So, this is what Camptoo has to offer, a way to allow motorhome owners to derive some income from letting their motorhome out on hire. The excellent software provides everything hirers and motorhome owner require, from booking to insurance, all using the Camptoo software. This is a really good idea and ideal for people to consider hiring before buying. Just a great way to get even more enjoyment from a motorhome, campervan or camper.

About CAMPTOO the Motorhome Sharing Platform

Join this ideal way to find motorhomes for hire, it fits with what we do by having dealers stock on available today. The best idea for a long time making motorhome holidays affordable and providing income to motorhome owners. So, just what makes this a market leader? Camptoo is one of the fastest-growing peer-to-peer leisure vehicle rental platforms, with a super support team will help you every step of the way. Making motorhome rental easy is the aim and that is what motorhome owners want to see. Renting out your dream motorhome may be a little stressful but when you have the Camptoo support things just work.

See the CAMPTOO YouTube Videos

Discover more about CAMPTOO on their YouTube channel, like all travel-related businesses there is nothing better than developing a YouTube channel to promote what is available today. The concept of renting out someone’s pride and joy to a complete stranger is different, to say the least. However, many genuine people see the value in sharing and they like to pride themselves by looking after the motorhome they are renting. Take a look at the YouTube channel and join in the fun with a CAMPTOO holiday rental.

Interview About CAMPTOO

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