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Hello, this information may well be the first steps into changing strategy regarding advertising leisure products your business may have for sale. Our domain name provides a clue as to what we are doing, helping customers find up to date information on leisure business products available today. Working on lead generation for twelve months knowing we had been doing in the leisure products space from July to October we generated 360 leads from our Facebook generation campaign they were genuine leads about a specific brand of motorhome now the question is how many will we generate across many different brands and products.

In the past we have been introducing the nearest dealers to the lead by postcode, this made the dealer aware of the interesting lead needing more information about what was on offer etc. Some dealers just sent a reply but, did not pursue the Facebook opportunity requesting likes from the lead generation. Bearing in mind that all 360 leads had a Facebook account with a genuine name, email and postcode the reciprocal value was always going to be of interest.

Now, we are going to generate even more leads for dealers to take on board do you want your business to participate? That should be easy here is how this works it costs £400 per month plus vat download an RSS Feed onto your website let us know so we can test it and show the feed location arrange payment with us, then every day we will renew the feed from our website keep your stock up to date and it will be available today every day.

Customers are on the lookout for motorhomes for sale, many looking at the motorhome classifieds not just motorhomes for sale in England but, in Scotland and Wales as well. There are many publications like motorhome finder, where older motorhomes under £20,000 are displayed. Great information from motorhome reviews and individual like a class motorhomes for sale, even motorhomes under £10,000 get advertised but, the leading question is are they available today to buy? Using our feeds will mean that the adverts will be available today, yes, some will be sold but, rest assured the adds were not placed last month!

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