About us Available Today

Starting out way back we developed domain names when the internet was very small indeed, we had the idea about things being available today. That was the start of our story and we continued to develop website as part of our car and fleet management businesses. Under the John Buxton Fleet Management business, we developed and sold off domains to focus on leisure-related products mainly motorhomes and campervans hence our website motorhomescampervans.net.

Is Your Stock Available Today?

However, we could see a website to provide customers with available today leisure vehicles and products so that is where we are at. This is to help, for example, motorhome dealers to find leads to help customers to find leisure vehicles that are available today to buy. This does not work out all the time but, if we can help customers to get a great motorhome and the services that go with it, then that will be mission accomplished.

Contacting Available Today?

We love to point people to good leisure product advice that is FREE. You can join us today and contact us at any time via email at admin@availabletoday.com or leave us a message on 07703 107293. We love to see the history of past times and the many people we have met on our trail to promote leisure vehicles and products especially, motorhomes and campervans. So, may we just add a thank you to all our contacts for the kindness and help shown to get us started. We do hope that you join us and become part of the available today leisure vehicles and products promotions.

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